Multimedia systems

MACS multimedia systems

The Multimedia Adaptive Centralised System (MACS) is part of the Onboard Multimedia and Telemetry Solutions (OMTS).

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PIS - Passenger Information System
Information on public transport – delays, scheduled arrivals, connections
Seat reservation information
Additional service options
PAS - Public Address System
Automatic audio notifications from PIS
Allows the crew to report additional or emergency information
PEC – Passenger Emergency Communication
Enables emergency voice communication between passengers and train staff or the dispatcher
APC – Automatic Passenger Counting
Its basic function is a calculation of the boarding and alighting passengers at stations
In cooperation with cameras or other sensors, the system allows searching for sections with free spots and direct passengers to them
CCTV - Camera Surveillance System
Allows the driver, train crew or dispatchers to be visually and audibly aware of the situation on and around the vehicle
It can process advanced video and audio analyses to indicate unusual situations (malfunctions, disruption of safe operation)
Stores video and audio recordings for post-processing and event logging
Can serve as a black-box
Server applications
Oversees the scheduling and data preparation of multimedia content
Provides live online distribution of public transport related data (connections, delays, platforms used)
Shows the current location and operating data of the vehicle on maps
Acquires and reports passenger numbers
Allows archiving, searching and viewing of CCTV records
Provides application status information (dates and versions, actual status, alerts )
Provides automatic distribution of data and software to vehicle on-board systems
The modular design based on the HYPEX hardware platform allows the system to be efficiently configured to meet specific customer requirements and optimise expansion, maintenance or upgrade costs.
Supports remote administration and control
The solution is suitable for railway vehicles such as locomotives, train units, coaches, trams and subways.
Communication protocols are based on modern open standards (HTTP / MQTT / JSON) with support for public transport and railway specifications.
Connection between all components is provided by an Ethernet interface.
The solution can be easily integrated with other subsystems, such as ticket validators and passenger infotainment.
Can be connected to stationary applications for
Creating, editing and automatic data distribution
Fleet management and monitoring (vehicle position, application and system status)
Data collection and reporting (CCTV video recordings, passenger count statistics)
The MACS multimedia system is available in variants for all rail vehicles
Diesel units (DMU)
Diesel locomotives
Electric units (EMU)
Electric locomotives