Double-deck units

Thanks to the recovery of eletricity while braking, up to 35% of energy is returned to the network which adds up to the optimal utilization of energy and environmentally friendly energy consumption.

Double-deck units

Double-deck units

Double-deck electric units can consist of two to six cars.

Double-deck units

The vehicles use a classic bogie concept with two separate bogies. Double-deck electric units are designed for 1,435 mm and 1,520 mm track gauges. The width of the vehicle body also varies with the gauge.

The cars have the G2 profile with extension DE2 or DE3 of the upper section in accordance with either EN 15273-2 or GOST 9238.

The units are of course low-floor vehicles with wheelchair access to the bottom deck. There are two pairs of doors in every car, ensuring that the movement of passengers is quick and smooth.


Track gauge
1 435 mm / 1 520 mm
Trolley voltage
3 kV DC, 3 kV DC+25 kV/50 Hz, 25 kV/50 Hz
Maximum speed
Up to 160 km/h
Maximum acceleration
až 1 m/s2
Total body width
2 820 / 3 370 mm
Vehicle / body height
4 635 mm
Boarding height
550 – 960 mm above TK
Width of entrance door
800 – 1 300 mm