Škoda Electric represents an important continuation of the production of the trolleybus range, newly named ŠKODA T'CITY, and is currently building on its experience and focusing its efforts on the production of the battery-powered ŠKODA E'CITY buses, while expanding its portfolio with the diesel-powered ŠKODA D'CITY buses for urban and suburban traffic.

Škoda E’CITY electric buses
Škoda diesel buses
ŠKODA H’CITY hydrogen buses
ŠKODA G’CITY natural gas buses

Škoda E’CITY electric buses

ŠKODA E'CITY electric buses offer clean and quiet operation.

Škoda E’CITY electric buses

Maximum flexibility in charging options, where charging capacity, charging method, time and power are the basic parameters. Thanks to its modular energy storage configuration, the battery allows continuous recharging during operation or operation without the need for recharging. Vehicle charging can thus be adapted to existing or emerging electric bus charging and recharging systems. Thanks to this, charging can be scheduled at any time within the set timetable – during operation, during breaks at final stops or at night in the depot. Operational status monitoring allows optimizing daily charging and vehicle maintenance.