3. 6. 2022

The number of trams in Bratislava will increase to 100

Dopravní podnik Bratislava and Škoda Group have signed a contract for the delivery of new bi-directional Škoda ForCity Plus 30T trams. This is the second tram contract achieved by Škoda in Bratislava this year.

Dopravní podnik Bratislava ordered 10 bi-directional trams of the same type that have been running in the city since 2015. The trams will have the Bratislava track gauge of one metre and delivery is planned for 2024. The value of the entire contract is almost 650 million crowns (€26.5 million). Škoda Group is part of PPF Group.

We very much appreciate the trust that Dopravní podnik Bratislava has placed in us and that we will thus be continuing our successful cooperation. Slovakia is the main export country for our group and this is already one of several contracts we have signed this year. I believe that our products have gained, and will continue to gain, popularity not only among the residents of the capital but also among visitors to the Danube. Rail transport is the backbone of urban public transport, and it is also the most environmentally friendly transport, so significantly reduces the burden on the environment.

Tomáš Ignačák, President of the CZ/SK Region at Škoda Group

“The new era of public transport modernisation continues. After the purchase of new buses, trolleybuses and uni-directional trams, the DPB fleet will be reinforced by 10 new bi-directional trams. Low-floor trams, which will not only be more comfortable than the old ones but are mainly necessary for the further reconstruction of tram radial lines in the city,” said the Chairman of the Board of DPB a.s. Martin Rybanský.

The new trams will significantly improve the quality of transport in the Slovak capital. In addition to the multiple safety and comfort features, passengers can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity and USB sockets for charging small electronics. The trams will be equipped with energy-saving outdoor LED lighting and a camera system to ensure even greater safety. The trams are also adapted for comfortable boarding and riding for people with disabilities.

Škoda trams proved their worth in Bratislava

Trams from Škoda Group have been running in Bratislava for several years. Dopravní podnik ordered them in July 2013 and the group delivered them in 2015 and 2016. There are 60 vehicles in total, half of which are uni-directional (29T) with the other half being bi-directional (30T). In total, these trams have travelled 22.5 million kilometres on the streets of the Slovak capital (that’s almost half the distance from Earth to Mars!). Last year alone, this amounted to almost 4.2 million kilometres. In addition, in March this year, DPB signed a contract for up to 30 more Škoda ForCity Plus 29T uni-directional trams. In total, there may be up to 100 Škoda trams in Bratislava.

Technical information on the new Škoda ForCity Plus 30T trams

  • Bi-directional tram
  • Type X54 (5 cells, 4 chassis)
  • Gauge: 1,000 mm
  • Vehicle length: 32.5 m
  • Vehicle width: 2.48 m
  • Total vehicle capacity: 242
  • Standing places: 190
  • Seats: 52
  • Low-rise part: 92%
  • Total number of chassis: 4
  • Wheel tyre life: min. 400,000 km
  • Doors 10 double doors
  • Voltage: 600 V DC / 750 V DC
  • Maximum speed 65 km/h
  • Axle load: up to 11 t

Škoda Group has been manufacturing trams for 25 years and has significantly changed and is still changing the face of this type of transport in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and also Germany.