One of the world‘s leading bus and coach manufacturers, providing a diversity of transportation solutions for its customers with a capacity of over 10.000 coaches, buses and light trucks per year.

Product portfolio:

  • coaches
  • buses
  • electric vehicles
  • battery packs
  • midibuses
  • light trucks

One of the first coach and bus manufacturers, which has three different electric buses ready for serial production – Avenue Electron, Avenue EV and MD9 electriCITY.

Present in close to 70 markets worldwide with a significant market share in leading economies such as the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

Škoda and TEMSA are part of PPF Group

Sister companies since 2020 (PPF Group bought 50% of Temsa) are now cooperating on new solutions for public transport to bring higher efficiency, sustainability and comfortable solutions for public and private companies and especially for passengers. Diligently working towards a better future, we have a great responsibility and the utmost respect for the planet and its inhabitants. Through effective resource management in our factories and by employing technologies that reduce carbon emissions, we create a great value while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable. Joining our forces, we work hard for a better future with a vision of smart and green mobility.

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