Social responsibility

In all locations where Škoda Transportation operates, we support educational and CSR activities and topics related to transportation and engineering industries and we collaborate with technically focused secondary schools.

The Škoda Transportation Group has long focused on supporting sports and is a long-term partner of sports clubs in its regions. Sports, together with cultural activities, define our national identity, and Škoda Transportation, as a purely Czech company, feels a certain responsibility and obligation to co-create it.

The teams we support include the HC Škoda Plzeň ice-hockey club, Draci Pars Šumperk, the Ostrava football team Baník and athletic club AK Škoda Plzeň. In Pilsen, the Group is a partner to the sports centres Škoda Sport Park and Škodaland.

Škoda Transtech in Finland supports the activities of the Kajaanin Hokki hockey team.

Furthermore, Škoda Pilsen supports the Pilsen Charity, the Ovahelp organisation in Ostrava and other individuals and organisations.