Škoda FIT halfmarathon


The Škoda FIT project was launched in September 2015 with a series of sporting events in and around Pilsen. It has continued successfully since then. Since 2017, regular running training sessions have been held during the year under the leadership of Plzeňští Tempomakers, led by Jiří Mašek.

Within the half marathon, several races are run and at the same time, the program takes place in Republic Square, where the runners have their start and finish. The one-round route starts in the city centre, passes through the Škoda production site, continues through Borská pole and Bory park, then continues further across the Tyrš bridge to Doudlevce and to Škoda sport park and back to the city centre through the park complex around the Republic Square where it ends.

You can find the map of the race + elevation profile here.

You can follow all information, events and happenings on the Škoda FIT Half Marathon on Facebook and Instagram.