PPF Group

PPF Group is an international investment group founded in the Czech Republic in 1991. It has grown to manage operations in 25 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia with financial services, telecommunications, media, real estate, mechanical engineering, and biotechnology as its core lines of business.

Our priority is to create value by developing innovations, implementing new technologies, and improving the quality of management.

PPF’s thirty-year history, its present-day standing, and its vision tell the story of the drive, work ethic, and professionalism of the many people who work to fulfill the vision and courage of Petr Kellner, PPF’s founder.

PPF's Vision

PPF Group’s values and business strategies have remained constant in the areas that matter since its inception. We believe that growth and success are nurtured by developing long-term investment projects in both traditional and new sectors and by building modern infrastructure within a digital world. Our solid foundations were built by welding Czech talent and capabilities with global opportunities.

Investments into innovation and advanced technologies combined with efficient management and operations enable PFF Group companies to offer highly competitive services that are constantly honed and updated to deliver value to our customers while also often inspiring others and facilitating a maturing of the market as a whole.

We are also keenly aware of the broader social responsibility we shoulder. We go out of our way in our business to support talent and unlock opportunities for those who have the courage to follow their own path, change the world for the better, and inspire others to do the same.

PPF's strategy

We seek out possibilities and opportunities to develop companies, commerce, and services not only in fast-developing and high-potential fields, but also in areas that may be overlooked or perceived as too risky. Our priority is to create value at the companies in which we invest. We remain undaunted by the prospect of entering new markets and new – often synergetic – fields. When considering new business, we primarily target markets with high retail potential and those with rapidly developing infrastructure, and we focus on transactions where our contribution exceeds €100 million. We prefer to act as the majority owner, but we are also keen to work with partners espousing a business philosophy that dovetails with our own. We have built and will continue to shape PPF Group as a portfolio of companies where sectoral and geographical diversification offers stability and opportunities for vertical integration.

We scout companies that need to restructure as we can provide them with strong financial backing, implement strict financial and corporate discipline, introduce promising business models, and improve the quality of management. The rate of returns on our investments relies on the professionalism and knowledge of our people and on the experience and expertise we have gained in the formation and restructuring of numerous companies in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia. Our teams, which through their efforts feed PPF’s success, share a common vision, as well as a high level of commitment, loyalty, and professionalism.

No matter where we are, we strive to nurture and grow the values that underpin our approach to business. Our watchwords are readiness, responsibility, and creativity. We bring with us a spirit of enterprise, a global perspective, and the ability to spot and embrace new business opportunities. We are sensitive to and actively promote the need for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and we respect the cultural and political differences of the markets where we operate. We foster relationships with the public sector and help build communities in all the countries where we do business.

This most important Czech engineering company with a history of more than 160 years is a leading Central European manufacturer of rolling stock, and after many years represents something like PPF's return to the engineering industry.

Petr Kellner, founder of PPF Group

Our Roots, Our Home – PPF and the Czech republic

We are deeply rooted in the Czech Republic, the place we call home. No matter where we do business around the world, we present ourselves as a Czech enterprise with a Czech pedigree. We actively promote social, educational, and cultural relations between the Czech Republic and the countries where we operate. Just as we try to bring home the inspiration and opportunities we have acquired abroad, we want to help good Czech ideas grow around the world.

Employment and Global Opportunities

We employ over 14,000 people in the Czech Republic, many of whom work in highly specialized professions. A fair share of the Group’s companies are active outside the Czech capital, creating skilled jobs in traditional and new fields in and around Plzeň, Ostrava, and Brno. PPF a.s., the main consultancy overseeing the entire group’s management, is headquartered in Prague, along with other key PPF Group companies. We give many Czechs the opportunity to show their worth on an international stage, working for our companies literally all over the world, and for the most part in management positions. We post more Czechs abroad in management positions than any other company.

The Czech Competitiveness

We help to forge a competitive, robust Czechia by building modern, secure, and open data infrastructure, developing innovative programs at traditional engineering companies, offering advanced digital services, and investing in biotechnology development and research. PPF’s companies can only thrive if the domestic environment is stable and our people are ambitious, proficient, and skilled.

Social Responsibility

PPF Group has long supported non-profit projects in culture, education, the development of civil society, and scientific research everywhere it operates.

In the Czech Republic, we primarily support projects, people, and institutions that focus their efforts and talents on developing Czech society, are inspirational to others, and help pave the way for openness, mutual respect, and opportunities for people to follow their own path and make their mark on the world.

PPF Group provides international support through its own projects and foundations that have consistently focused on specific areas that tap into their expertise and capitalize on their line or place of business while working with the public sector and local communities.

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