Škoda Transportation is proud of the city where it came from, and is therefore a permanent creator or partner of many projects that support life in Pilsen.

Our destinies are intertwined. In each era, we have tried to help Pilsen and the people who live here. This company is part of the city’s DNA, providing jobs to thousands of people. After all, as people say here, every Pilsen citizen has someone in their wider family who has worked with Škoda.

Petr Březina, President of the Škoda Transportation Group.


Škoda has for many years contributed financially to the operation of the St. Zdislava Home for Mothers with Children in Need and the St. George Home. Moreover, Škoda also helps organisations as part of corporate volunteerism.



The main activities within the Pilsen Region involve the sponsoring of the HC Škoda Plzeň hockey club. Škoda Transportation is the general partner of this hockey team, which regularly ranks in the top spots of the Czech Extraliga. Škoda started supporting Pilsen hockey in the 2009/2010 season. Since then, Pilsen hockey players have been wearing the winged arrow logo on their jerseys. However, the Pilsen hockey club had borne the name Škoda for almost thirty years from 1965 to 1993.

In 2012, Škoda Transportation, as the general partner, decided to extend its cooperation with HC Škoda Plzeň and increased its financial support. Thanks to this, after 19 years, the name of the traditional Pilsen manufacturer of rail vehicles started appearing again in the name of the club. In the very first season of 2012/2013 when Škoda Transportation became the general partner, the team captain Martin Straka scored the game-winning goal in overtime of the final match, winning the premiere title for the Pilsen team. In July 2021, the Group committed to supporting HC Škoda Plzeň until 2023/2024.

The continued support of Škoda Transportation also includes not only HC Škoda Plzeň, but is also aimed at all youth categories of ice hockey in Pilsen and the foundation fund Regional Pilsen Hockey Academies.


The multifunctional ŠkodaLand sports complex is the newer of two large sports complexes that bear the name of their general partner, Škoda Transportation. The company contributes half a million CZK every year to insure the smooth operation of the sports complexes.

ŠkodaLand is located near the dam and offers visitors, for example, the largest skateboard park in Pilsen with a wide range of features and obstacles. ŠkodaLand also offers a four-hundred-metre long in-line track of racing parameters, which is modified to meet all the criteria of professional circuits. The track is the second in the Czech Republic to meet strict international criteria, and official in-line competitions can be held there. Martina Sáblíková, the successful Czech speed skating representative, tested the track during the opening of ŠkodaLand.

ŠkodaLand includes football, beach volleyball, basketball, football-tennis and mini-golf areas.

ŠkodaLand also offers a unique swimming pool, a pond that is suitable for young children and allergic people thanks to its special filtration system. Aside from people who visit ŠkodaLand purely for sports activities, the complex is also popular among parents with children who can play in the large playground. There is also a relaxation area for the elderly.

ŠkodaLand website: www.skodaland.eu


Škoda Transportation does not only support professional athletes at the top level. It is also important to provide space and opportunity to all people who want to spend their free time actively. When the opportunity to invest in the construction of the multifunctional Škoda Sport Park arose in 2004, Škoda Transportation decided from the onset to approach the project as the general partner.

Forty thousand people visit Škoda Sport Park every year, and the park offers a wide range of sports activities. From football fields, basketball and handball courts, to beach volleyball or pétanque. Adrenaline enthusiasts can also try out a rope course or a climbing tower. Škoda Transportation invested 1.6 million CZK in its construction in 2004.

Currently, the company contributes almost half a million CZK to the overall operation of the Sport Park. The investments in the current form of the complex have reached 29 million CZK, but there is a plan to make the entire complex even more attractive. The Municipal District of Pilsen 2 – Slovany wants to build two ponds near the river between Škoda Sport Park and the confluence of Úhlava with Radbuza. A resting zone with benches and park greenery will be created in the vicinity.

Škoda Sport Park website: www.skodasportpark.cz


“We care about how we live!” is the main motto of the Škoda FIT project, formed under the auspices of Josef Bernard. This unique project, under the support of Olympic champion Dana Zátopková, offers a helping hand in the Pilsen Region to all who would like to do something for their health and improve their lifestyle.

Škoda FIT offered a variety of programs, ranging from meetings with experts on healthy lifestyles, events for children and youth or joint sports training sessions. Škoda FIT offers regular runs in the Pilsen region with renowned runners, such as other patrons of the project – ultramarathoner Miloš Škorpil and the Head Coach of the Czech triathlon team Jan Řehula. They give advice in the field on how to run properly and how to prepare for a race. One of the highlights of Škoda FIT is the half marathon in the streets of Pilsen and the modern premises of Škoda Transportation.

Project website: http://skodafit.cz/


Athletics has an over a century-long tradition in Pilsen. The first competitions took place in 1885. The Škoda brand has been tied to the Pilsen Athletic club since 1951. Five years later, athletes got their stadium in Štruncovy sady and could start collecting their first successes. This was achieved mainly by the European champion Alena Prosková and one of the biggest icons of AK Škoda Plzeň – Jarmila Nygrýnová.

Supporting sports in youth and adult categories is one of the priorities of Škoda Transportation, which intends to continue supporting youth athletes and motivate them to better performance.

AK Škoda Plzeň website: www.akskodaplzen.cz