Škoda Vagonka has been active in the region for a long time, supporting various activities in and around Ostrava.

Sports club partnerships are an extension of Škoda Transportation’s strategy to support sport in the Group’s locations. Škoda Vagonka has been supporting FC Baník Ostrava as one of its main partners since the 2018/2019 season, during which the club returned to the top half of the league and has stayed there since. The partnership with the club brings a long-term perspective and stability, and the contract was concluded for several seasons.

It is our long-term plan to significantly develop the company in Ostrava. By partnering with FC Baník Ostrava, we are consolidating our position in the region, supporting sports activities and presenting ourselves as a significant, promising employer.

Martin Bednarz, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Škoda Vagonka.


Škoda Vagonka is one of the main partners of Dolní Vítkovice, a unique industrial complex transformed into a unique educational, cultural and social centre with international significance. DOV offers the Science and Technology Centre – an educational centre aimed at promoting science and technology.

Škoda Vagonka also regularly supports the OVAHELP project. Škoda Vagonka contributes to OVAHELP and organises collections among employees. OVAHELP serves as a patient organisation, especially for breast and reproductive cancer patients, both women and men. The essence of the activity is lecturing and counselling for cancer patients and their families. The organisation also holds exercises, meditations, provides medical aids and psychological assistance.

Škoda Digital in Ostrava considers social responsibility an important area, thus having focused on supporting those in need. Škoda Digital directs its help to terminally ill people in the Moravian-Silesian Region and supports the activities of the Ondrášek Mobile Hospice, o.p.s. With its financial donation, the company helps to bring at least a little light into the last days of incurable children and adults. It fulfils the wish of the ill to remain with their loved ones in their last days and to depart from this world with dignity.