General information

Race in the 21,097 km run with start and finish in the centre of Pilsen - Republic Square. One of the most beautiful tracks in the Czech Republic, which leads from the city centre to the parks, streets and surroundings in one circuit. The largest sporting event in the Pilsen region. Limit: 1500 runners. Embedded children's races, family running and mixed relays. Sports day for the whole family.

Škoda FIT Half Marathon 2022

Year: 7

Date: Sunday 18 September 2022

Start: 11:00 hours

Place: Pilsen, Republic Square

Registration, changing rooms, depository + EXPO: Pilsen – Republic Square

Organizer: Event media s.r.o.

Plant director: Ing. Tomas Pavel

Measurements and results of the race: Measured using non-returnable chips with REAL TIME technology.

Chip technology. Each participant will receive a measuring chip during the presentation. Each competitor must place a chip on his leg before the race, otherwise, the final time will not be measured. The competitor is obliged to attach a measuring chip to his leg before the start of the race and have it on his leg throughout the race until the finish. Each competitor is measured from the moment of starting the pistol until the moment of passing through the finish gate.

Parking: Parking house Rychtářka (no special parking is provided for competitors, only the organizer’s recommendation)

Registration: Online on the registration portal, where you can register for more events, collect points and then convert them for a discount on the entry fee.

Change of registration to a competitor or transcription to another track

It is possible for a CZK 50 fee on the day of the event in the NEW REGISTRATION tent. (The competitor with a power of attorney will pick up the entry package at the stand of pre-paid registrations.

Runners under the age of 15 can only take part in the races with the written consent of the responsible representative after paying the entry fee.

To expedite check-in, please print and fill in the Consent of the responsible representative here.

Competitors participate in the race in their age category according to the year of birth.

Presence + EXPO
Saturday 17. 9. 2022 (12:00 – 18:00) Techmania Science Center
Sunday 18. 9. 2022 (7:30 – 10:00) Náměstí Republiky Plzeň

Entry fees and applications: Online via the registration form HERE.

Prizes and rewards:

  • Men (absolute ranking): 1st place:  3 000 CZK, 2nd place: 2 000 CZK , 3rd place 1 000 CZK
  • Women (absolute ranking): 1st place: 3 000 CZK, 2nd place: 2 000 CZK , 3rd place 1 000 CZK

Race capacity: 1 500 runners (half marathon)

By registering for the race, the participant agrees to the principles of personal data protection of EVENT media s.r.o.


The decisive criterion for inclusion in the categories is only the year of birth


M20+ / Z20+ 2007 – 1993 15 – 29 years
M30+ / Z30+ 1983 – 1992 30 – 39 years
M40+ / Z40+ 1973 – 1982 40 – 49 years
M50+ / Z50+ 1963 – 1972 50 – 59 years
M60+ / Z60+ ……… – 1962 60 a více years



Assemble the baton of 2 people, friends, comrades, colleagues, men or women and share the distance of 21.097 km equally. Experience the magic of shared joy and success!

4 × 5 km relay (route lengths vary)

Assemble the relay of 4 people, friends, comrades, colleagues, men and women and share the distance of 21.097 km in a group and test your options!

The first runner
Start: 0 km (Republic Square) – relay pass: 4.9 km (Skoda / Wikov area)
Route length: 4.9 km

The second runner
Relay start: 4.9 km (Skoda / Wikov area) / relay handover: 10.8 km (near Borský park)
Route length: 5.9 km

The third runner
Relay start: 10.8 km (near Borský park) / relay handover: 16 km (Škoda Sport Park)
Route length: 5.2 km

Fourth runner
Relay start: 16 km (Škoda Sport Park) / relay end: 21,097 km (Republic Square)
Route length: 5,097 km

At 10:15 a.m., special buses will be parked for relay runners to take them to the appropriate stations.
Bus B – departure to the station: Škoda / Wikov complex
Bus C – departure to the station: Borský park
Bus D – departure: Škoda sport park

Buses leave at 10:45.


Running for the whole family!

Do you want to experience the unique atmosphere of a large race with your loved ones? The Škoda FIT Half Marathon has a solution for you! The organizers of the non-competitive Family Run have prepared just for you. Parents with children can run on the 2.5-kilometre route through the city centre. Simply everyone in the family can join. Everyone will definitely manage the race and everyone will have a similar atmosphere as the participants of the Škoda FIT Half Marathon. The family run starts from Pilsen’s Republic Square just 15 minutes after the start of the main race, so there will definitely be plenty of spectators along the track. The route is designed as easy, and because it is a non-competitive race, it is possible to complete it on foot. Each registered competitor – adult or child, will receive a start number, and after completing the entire track and a medal.

Children and young people will also enjoy themselves at the Škoda FIT Half Marathon. The Children’s Races will start on Sunday. The start and finish will take place right in the heart of the action – on Republic Square in Pilsen. The organizers have prepared a 320-meter circuit on the square, which will serve as a route for small competitors in a total of ten children’s and youth categories. The youngest children – up to six years – will run one circuit and each additional age category will overcome another circuit. In each category, the three fastest children will be awarded, all participants will receive a medal. The entry fee is set at 100 crowns, registration will take place directly on the day of the race. The maximum number of children’s competitors is 200.


D6 – Children up to and including 6 years (boys)
D6 – Children up to and including 6 years (girls)
DM8 – Pupils 1 (7-8 years)
DZ8 – Pupil 1 (7-8 years)
DM10 – Pupils 2 (9-10 years)
DZ10 – Pupil 2 (9-10 years)
DM12 – Younger students (11-12 years)
DZ12 – Younger pupils (11-12 years)
DM14 – Older students (13-14 years)
DZ14 – Older pupils (13-14 years)


D6 – 1 circuit – 320 m
D8 – 2 circuits – 640 m
D10 – 3 circuits – 960 m
D12 – 4 circuits – 1,280 m
D14 – 4 circuits – 1,280 m


Saturday 17. 9. 2022 – Techmania Science Center

12:00 – 18:00 EXPO (attendance, registration)

Sunday 18. 9. 2022 – Pilsen, Republic Squre

07:30 – 10:00 presence, registration (half marathon, family run)
07:30 – 08:15 presence, registration (children’s races)
09:00 – 14:00 Accompanying program
09:00 – start CHILDREN’S RUN
10:00 – announcement of children’s races category
10:30 – opening of the corridors (half marathon)
10:45 – departure of buses with relays
11:00 – start RELAY 4 x 5 km
11:00 – start RELAY 2 x 10 km
11:15 – start FAMILY RUN
13:30 – announcement of results (half marathon)