The emphasis on environmental protection and dealing with ecological aspects of production are one of the cornerstones of Škoda Group’s activities.

Since 2010, Škoda Transportation has been certified in accordance with the international standard ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2016 (Environmental Protection Management System) and regularly defends the certificate. We meet the requirements of the environmental protection system and our attitude proves the constant effort to minimise the impact of our activities on nature. Compliance with legal regulations and monitoring of outputs from our technologies (emissions released into the air, the amount of waste produced, the quality of discharged wastewater, or the amount of energy consumed) is a matter of course for us.

In recent years, Škoda has been heavily investing in new technologies and production sites. This also has to do with a sharp reduction in energy consumption of our production processes. Currently, the company is implementing one of the largest investment projects in its modern history, investing more than 800 million Czech crowns in the expansion, equipping and modernisation of its main production site in Pilsen in the next two years.

A key factor that characterises the activities of Škoda Transportation is the very nature of the company’s products – i.e. rail and urban transport vehicles. Modern and efficient vehicles do not pollute the environment in any way in the area of their operation. Low-floor trams, electric train units and locomotives, as well as trolleybuses – these are vehicles designed for modern and environmentally friendly transport of the future. They cause less pollution and noise, are more energy-efficient and have lower operating costs.

Škoda Transportation uses the most modern and best available technologies in the production of rolling stock. A great example is the limited use of polyester sealants. If possible, we use epoxy sealants, which contain much fewer solvents, thus meeting the requirements for lower flammability and, of course, causing less risk to the environment by not evaporating volatile organic compounds during the application process. We have also adapted the use of other components of the coating to this standard and, where possible, we use high-dry paints to minimise the generation of volatile organic compound emissions. If, despite all efforts and measures put in place we still cannot avoid producing emissions, we make sure we deal with it using highly efficient technology. The capture is performed with a zeolite absorber and the final phase is the combustion of emissions in the afterburner unit. We then release only a minimum number of pollutants into the air. We easily meet the set emission limits, which is also confirmed by the results of regular emission measurements. We closely watch, monitor and review all chemicals and mixtures that we use in our manufacturing processes and technologies so that we do not use substances banned under Annex XIV (REACH) / Annex XIV (REACH) and we make sure to comply with other requirements under Regulation (EC) No. 1907. / 2006 (REACH).

Every year, we work to improve our systems and reduce our total emissions. In 2020, our total emissions fell by 7.6% year-on-year and this year we are working on further measures to make our production even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Since 2019, Škoda Transportation has held the title of Responsible Company. The company has joined the EKO KOM project, which strengthens corporate social responsibility in terms of waste sorting. The aim of the project is to support the training of employees in the field of waste sorting and recycling. The consistent sorting of waste according to different types and forms is a matter of course for us. Specially labelled bins and boxes for different types of waste are available at all workplaces throughout the company, and all employees of the company separate waste. Our company not only strives to protect the environment during the production process but we also pay special attention to environmental protection in our daily operation. We do not look the other way when further handling this material. Together with our waste collection company ZKS, we always try to find a way to re-use these materials, recycle them or use them to generate energy.

Škoda Transportation also strives to prevent any emergencies from happening since the consequences could have a negative impact on the environment and the health of employees. To achieve this goal, Škoda strictly complies with the established rules and prevention measures. The company prefers those materials and procedures that minimise negative impacts on the living or working environment, or are environmentally friendly.

The Škoda Group currently employs over five and a half thousand people in Pilsen, Prague, Ostrava, Šumperk and other cities in Europe. In addition to the parent company Škoda Transportation, individual projects are also held by subsidiaries and joint ventures operating in the Czech Republic as well as in Germany, Finland, Russia and Hungary. The company pays great attention to their environmental protection training. Since 2021, this area has been expanded by a joint campaign called “EVEN A SMALL DETAIL CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE”. The programme is divided into three areas and deals in detail with occupational health and safety, fire protection and environmental protection.

The fact that we are a modern and responsible company was also confirmed by the results of the energy audit. The audit was performed in accordance with Decree No. 480/2012 Coll.

One of the current trends implemented by Škoda Transportation is the effort for lifelong or at least long-term servicing of its products. The company thus strives to reduce the life cycle costs of vehicles (e.g. purchase costs, maintenance costs, vehicle operation and disposal costs). This is one of the environmental strategies – products are viewed from a long-term perspective so that most products are made with the lowest possible maintenance costs. The products are also 90-95% recyclable.