About us

After more than 160 years of existence, Škoda Transportation, a direct successor to the mechanical engineering plants founded in 1859 by Count Wallenstein, is a major European company in the field of transportation engineering.

Thanks to its ecosystem of subsidiaries and high investments in its own research and development, the Škoda Transportation group has a production portfolio of modern vehicles that meet the latest European standards.

Its main products include low-floor trams, trolleybuses, electric locomotives, suburban train units, electric motors and complete drives for transportation systems. We also deal with the development of digitisation and IT, and naturally also technology for vehicles and other industries. The group has a stable employee base of over five and a half thousand people. Modern products with the Škoda logo are produced all over the country as well as in Europe, and in Pilsen the plant is located in a revitalised area just a few dozen meters away from the original plant, where we also contributed to the establishment of the Techmania Science Centre. The costs of revitalising the complex and building a modern facility exceeded two billion korunas, and further sizeable investments are being made in the development and modernisation of production and development since 2020.

Thanks to the top-notch work of over seven hundred design engineers, chief project engineers and designers, and hundreds of millions of korunas invested in our research and development every year, we can regularly bring new, modern products that successfully find their place in global markets. After the entry of the PPF Group in 2018, Škoda was given a unique opportunity to invest in its premises and digitisation, as well as to recruit and train hundreds of new employees. We therefore managed to keep the traditional Czech production and know-how in Czech hands, and we won many new contracts.


In 2019, we celebrated the 160th anniversary of our company’s foundation, and in 2020 it was 100 years since the first locomotive left our plant. We currently manufacture a wide range of modern vehicles – electric locomotives, single-deck and double-deck electric units, modern trains and control cars, as well as trams, metro trains, trolleybuses, electric buses and other products and systems for public transport.

Throughout our existence, our products have reached over 50 countries around the world. You can travel in many types of vehicles from Škoda in all corners of the earth, as well as all over the Czech Republic.
Our group has a total of 15 subsidiaries or joint ventures in the Czech Republic as well as in Finland, Hungary, Russia and Germany. We are currently looking into the development of railway vehicles with alternative propulsion. The Škoda Transportation Group provides comprehensive transport solutions in and out of cities, and we continue to work to ensure that travelling anywhere is comfortable, fast, environmentally friendly and safe.